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Anti-Pollution Skincare

With spring season upon us, many will be battling with allergies and other skin conditions as the oh so dreaded pollen begins to fill the air.

Even though I am not one who battles with allergies, I do notice that I suffer from really dry skin during the milder seasons such as spring and summer.

Over the years, I have tested out hundreds of skin care products all in the hopes of finally finding some that could help me with this issue.

Recently, I have observed a trend going around social media, that is focused on skincare meant to combat pollution. The title alone is what drew me to the countless posts I have come across. These products promise to do away with free radicals and combat aging.

Now we all know that aging is inevitable (bummer!). But what if there was something we could actually do to slow down that process. Also, what exactly are free radicals. Well, free radicals are simply those pesky, damaging molecules found in our environment which can do serious damage to the cells in our body.

Being that the skin is the largest organ, free radicals really take a toll on our skin. We all know sunscreen is super important in the hotter months. However, following a more natural skin care routine also works wonders.

When formulating an anti-pollution skincare routine, look for products which are:

1) Oil based cleansers: These will ensure that the skin is cleansed without disrupting the natural pH (very important for combating free radical exposure)

2) Balancing Toners: These will continually work to maintain a healthy outer layer of the skin.

3) Mildly cleansing “refreshers” (which can be applied frequently to rehydrate the skin while out and about)

Some skin care lines I recommend are:

* Exuviance

* Paula’s Choice


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