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First Time Mom Syndrome

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On my rest days, when I make the time to relax and take a break from working out, one of my favorite pass times would have to be ‘window’ shopping on my amazon baby registry …any other mommas out there like me? On one particular day, I happened to be browsing on Amazon when I came across children’s books.
                 Initially, I felt a little odd and maybe a bit silly to be considering purchasing children’s books this early in my pregnancy. As I continued to go from page to page, however, I found myself becoming more and more excited at the thought of reading stories to my unborn child. The excitement in me took over, and I decided to order a few books.
                 On the day of my books being delivered, I don’t remember ever being as excited to receive books let alone children’s books. I immediately opened the package and, as I rubbed my belly, I began to read “love you forever” to my belly.
                 Yall, when I say pregnancy hormones are REAL!… Gasp… As I was reading the story to my unborn baby, the next thing I know is I started bawling my eyes out uncontrollably. The message of the book touched me so dearly and I began to imagine the moment when I will be introduced to my child, that first hold, the first look into his/ her eyes, that first kiss, I completely lost it.
                I spent the next 30 minutes or so bawling my eyes out before regaining my composure. At that point, I began to confess my love for my child, my uncontrollable anticipation to meet him/her and my eagerness to spend the rest of my life loving and completely spoiling my child.

               As a first time mom, what are some things you may be doing and/or buying to help jumpstart your baby’s development (whether cognitively, emotionally, etc)? Could you relate to my experience of being happy one moment and completely bawling your eyes out, for absolutely no reason, the next? Leave me a comment down below to let me know.
                                Till next time, 

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