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H.I.I.T Exercises During Pregnancy: Yay or Don’t Even Think About It?

    High-Intensity Training workouts are one of my favorite exercises to do because they are quick, effective, and let’s face it, you feel like a total Rockstar during and after your workout.

During pregnancy, its so so important to remain active for several reasons. For one, working out while pregnant promotes a better night’s sleep. Also, your muscles remain strong and active which will help you tremendously when baby comes, and you have to carry your little babe around.
                    If you’re someone like me, who has been doing H.I.I.T workouts long before falling pregnant, it should be more than ok for you to continue during pregnancy. (However, remember to always consult with your doctor before carrying out any workout routine).
                     Another thing to keep in mind is the hormone Relaxin. Relaxin is a hormone that is found in a women’s body, at higher levels, when pregnant. This hormone does exactly what it’s name suggests, it is meant to relax the muscles, joints, and ligaments of the body to prepare for labor. With relaxin surging in the body, doing any type of exercise that requires high-impact jumping and/or skipping can become a bit of a challenge and should be done with great care. High intensity exercise will NOT cause any harm to your baby, who is padded and well protected in the uterus. However, due to relaxin, excessive high-impact moves can cause
injury to mom’s joints and ligaments in the long run.
                      In summary, H.I.I.T is amazing and completely safe, for the most part, for pregnant women who have been actively engaging in these types of exercises prior to pregnancy. For those who are looking to try H.I.I.T during their pregnancies for the first time, it is best to get the ok from your doctor. Also, keep in mind that your joints and ligaments need extra TLC during your pregnancy; pace yourself during your workouts and always make sure you are using the perfect form for each exercise.
Below, I have included my two favorite H.I.I.T Workouts of the moment.
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