Marriage + Motherhood

How the Heck Did We Get Here?!

So many of us grow up with the dream of being married. In fact, the desire to get married is seen clearly in some of today’s most-watched shows like 90-day fiancé and married at first sight.

Marriage is such a beautiful thing that a lot of us are willing to do just about anything to find that companion. Most of the time, what society shows us to be marriage is an over glamorized wedding day fairytale filled with nothing but positivity and ooshie gooshie love.
Fast forward to a year or two post marriage and you will quickly find that such representation of marriage in media is not at all what married life truly is like.
My first year of marriage to my husband was absolutely blissful! From the daily early morning good mornings, and passionate kisses, to sex at least 4 times a day, life was good at that point.
Now my husband and I moved fairly quickly at the beginning. The love between us in our dating life was so passionate we quickly married just 6 months after knowing each other (debate still stands on the success rate of couples who do as we did). Just 4 months after getting married, we fell pregnant with our first child.
From then on, things began to shift in my marriage and looking back, I would definitely without a shadow of a doubt attribute these changes to the fact my husband did not take time to enjoy our marriage as just him and me.
Responsibilities of life such as his demanding work schedule and me being thrown into motherhood at just 22 quickly proved to be things that would most likely break our relationship and they did. Not to mention, the disproval of family members who were not necessarily keen on our union also caused a deeper wedge between us.
My once beloved, passionate lover and I now turned into two strangers laying side by side in bed day in and day out just going through the daily routines of our newly evolved life, being fully aware of the growing distance between us, but not being exactly sure how to rectify this distance and reignite our passion for each other.

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