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Top 5 Essentials For New Mommas

DockATot Deluxe+ Dock – Mrs. Mighetto (Lovely Day)


Hi everyone, I’m so excited to be back with a new blog post for you all. Today’s blog post will be slightly different from what I’ve been doing lately. I recently had the opportunity to try out a few Mommy and Baby products which I think are absolute essentials for all moms (whether new moms, seasoned moms, moms of multiples, or even care tackers of little ones.)
                The first product, in this Mommy Essentials feature, is by the brand Dockatot. DOCKATOT  is a baby brand that creates a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper and playtime lounger for babes ranging from newborn up to 9+ months. This product is made in Europe and designed in Sweden. Also, each Dockatot created is tested for breathability, and the fabric used to make these loungers is all natural, 100% cotton.
The inspiration behind Dockatot came as the founder [LISA FURULAND] looked for a way to create the perfect lounger for her own babe. The idea came as Lisa looked around her home and gained inspiration from the way a boat dock is set up…. Tada, the Dockatot was born.
                The particular product I got the opportunity to try out, compliments of DOCKATOT , is the Dockatot Deluxe +. You guys, this product is amazing. I have read so many great things about this product and have watched countless youtube videos, of other moms who have tried this product, just going on and on about how much of a lifesaver it is. Since my babe will be arriving late July, I was sent the deluxe as it accommodates babies from 0-8 months. The brand also has a version, called the Dockatot Grand, which is suited for infants/ toddlers 9 months and up; this makes the grand absolutely amazing for toddler bed transitioning.  
                The first thing that stood out to me about this baby lounger is the cute patterns and prints they come in. I love that Dockatot offers girly designs, but it also is mindful to offer more gender-neutral options. Secondly, I loved the fact that the Dockatot was designed to be breathable which greatly reduces the risk of baby overheating and/or suffocating.
               As a first-time mom, I know that I definitely want to make decisions that are safest for my child. I don’t want to find myself buying baby items for the simple joy of it or for the fact of going along with the current trend. One downside of this product that I came across, are the negative experiences some have had with the product. As well as the question of whether this product has met all safety regulations to qualify as a safe sleeper. For the sake of having a sound mind about my baby’s well-being, I have made the personal decision to only utilize the Dockatot as a napper/ lounger, NOT an overnight co-sleeper. I feel like a crib or a bassinet are more effective and safer options for overnight sleep; just for my own peace of mind.
            All in all, though, the concept of the Dockatot is absolutely genius and in my opinion, it is a great item to utilize for helping baby with tummy time or as a way to remain hands-free while doing chores around the house. You can place baby in the Dockatot, and as baby happily lounges away, you can still be productive and get things done. 

Dockatot Mobile Toy Arch + Toy Sets
 The Mobile Toy Arch is the perfect complement to our Deluxe+ DockATot[]®. It is BPA-, phthalate- and PVC-free and at first glance, the arch appears to be very sturdy and looks to be made of durable material. The material of the arch allows it to be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and the arch has also been designed to accommodate crinkly toys (sold separately).
These cheeky chums are adorable, wrinkly toys that are designed to promote sensory development. The toys can be attached to the mobile arch and they are a great way to keep baby entertained while lounging. The toys are CE & Oeko-Tex certified and the material allows them to be spot cleaned with a damp cloth. Babes up to 8 month or babes who are already sitting up will benefit greatly from these interactive toys.

DockATot Contact Info: IG: @dockatot Web:

Meadow Ollie Swaddle x Ollie World


                     The next Mommy Must-have product is the Ollie Swaddle blanket I received compliments of the company Ollie World. The Ollie swaddle is known as the smarter swaddle™ and is comparable to the wombie but is a much more affordable alternative; which is why I love it. I personally chose the Swaddle in the color Meadow, but Ollie World offers so many alternatives that are suitable for both #girlmoms and #boymoms. Another feature of this swaddle, which I love, is that it has properties which reduce the risk of overheating; this is due to the fact that it is made from custom moisture-wicking material. The customizable nature of this swaddle allows for the fit to be individualized to meet the needs and size of each little one. Also, because of the way the swaddle is constructed, moms are afforded easy access for diaper changes via the opening at the bottom of the swaddle. My initial impression of the Ollie World swaddle is that the material is super soft, yet sturdy; which means it is durable and will most likely withstand wear and tear. Also, this swaddle makes the perfect baby shower gift or a great personal new find for all mommas. 
Ollie World Contact Info: IG: @theollieworld web:

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock – Triangles


               The next mommy-must have item I wanted to talk to you guys about is this adorable Hammock made by Binxy Baby. Prior to coming across this company, I have been seeing this product going around Instagram. At first, I was not exactly sure of what exactly this item did. For those mommies out there, who may be as I was, and not know what exactly this thing is, I wanted to go ahead and fill you all in.

                The product I received, compliments of Binxy Baby, is their triangles Shopping Cart Hammock. This product is absolutely genius to me. It’s basically a shopping cart hammock that you would use for your babe while grocery shopping. Gone are the days when you must lug that bulky, heavy car seat into the store with you and then try to find a way to keep it in the shopping cart (which in my opinion looks rather unsafe). With the Binxy Baby hammock, which has been safety tested to ensure fewer cart-related injuries, you get to be hands-free while at the same time, saving space for your groceries.
                The Binxy Baby hammock is designed to safely and effectively fit most standard grocery store carts via the clips attached on both ends. Also, it is designed to support up to 50 pounds of weight; which means your little ones can use this thing for up to 6-8 months until they are practically sitting up on their own. Not only is this hammock safe, but it’s also practical, as it can be rolled up and kept in your purse or diaper bag. 

Binx Baby Contact Info: IG: @shopbinxy Web:

Lorena Canals Baby Blanket + Little Biscuit Circular Rug

                    Lorena Canals Rugs is a brand that stood out to me and it quickly grew to have a special place in my heart. This company creates a range of baby-friendly products including baby blankets and other nursery essentials. Their main products, I would say, are their rugs. The collection of rugs is designed, not only for adult spaces, but some also go perfectly in baby’s nursery. 
I loved this company so much because of how aesthetically appealing the website it. That’s the first thing that caught my mind. Also, I love the mission of this website which is to give back. Proceeds from Lorena Canals purchases are used to support the Sakula project and provide schooling for children in India.  I thought that was amazing! All products are made in India and designed in Spain. The rugs and cushions are all machine-washable and can fit into a standard washer and dryer, for easy cleaning.

                  Lorena canal products are loved by top celebs and have been picked by Vogue as a top baby product for celebrity nurseries and I can absolutely see why. The two products I received, compliments of Lorena Canals Rugs, are the baby blanket in ‘Ombre Mint’, and the Little Biscuit White rug. One of the first things I noticed about the baby blanket is that it is huge! Which got me super excited for those days and nights to come of doing nothing but snuggling with my little one. I also love the details of the blanket; on all four corners, there is a tassle-like pom-pom which is just the cutest. My most loved feature of the rug, of course, is that it is machine-washable. We all know how messy things can get with little ones running around! Also, it is super duper sift, which makes me feel more comfortable with letting my baby lounge on it for tummy time.

                Other examples of Nursery-friendly rugs, available on the website, include an oh-so-adorable A-B-C rug which comes in 3 different colors. I thought that rug would be so cute to have in the nursery but would also be practical for teaching baby his/her ABCs. 

Lorena Canals Contact Info: IG: @lorenacanalsrugs Web:   

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