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Top 5 ways to LOVE the Skin you’re in


                   WORDS OF AFFIRMATION:

“It all starts in our minds. What we believe about ourselves becomes our reality externally”
Daily, I try to wake up and tell myself positive, inspiring things. Words of affirmation are powerful at helping to foster a healthy self-love type of relationship. Start your day with positivity and you have already begun on a good foundation.
Tell yourself you are beautiful, amazing, talented. Believe in yourself because the moment you believe in yourself, you will begin to attract positive energy to you because you will be giving off positive energy.
“To feel loved within, and to give love, one must be completely saturated with love”
There’s nothing like being around negative nancies and naysayers all the time. Those things are sure to bring a girl’s mood and confidence down. Now, it’s not to say you should find people who will tell you absolutely everything you want to hear. Simply, surround yourself with people who want to see you win.
You can absolutely tell the difference between people who are in your life because they truly want to be there and because they truly believe in you, and then those who are in your life because they want something from you. Be the person who surrounds herself with like-minded individuals, not people who suck the life out of you.
                   RETAIL THERAPY ANYONE??:
As a woman who loves girly things and all things fashion and beauty, a little bit of retail therapy is always just what the doctor ordered. Retail therapy helps me to have a moment of me time. Whether you’re at a point in your life where your clothes are fitting a little tighter, or you simply want to revamp your wardrobe, there is nothing like a bit of therapy to help you work on loving yourself as you are.
There’s no point in sulking over jeans that don’t fit anymore, or on feeling down about your wardrobe being a bit out of style. As long as your shopping habits are within limits and within your budget, retail therapy is an excellent way to help you fall in love with yourself again.
                  DO THINGS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY:
“When chasing your dreams, the negatives in your life suddenly become so unimportant”
I’ve always heard the saying that comparison is the killer of all joy; that saying is completely true. There’s nothing as unproductive as sitting around comparing your life to someone else’s life. Doing so will only cause you to start wishing for things that just may not be destined to happen for your life.
Instead, focus your time and energy on submerging yourself into your craft. What is it that you are good at, what are things you enjoy doing? Everyone on this earth is given 24 hours each day. Look for some things you can be doing with your 24 hours that will not only help you to be productive but will also help you to appreciate the way your life is, and ultimately to love the skin you are in.
They do say, your face is the first thing people get to see when they meet you. As a skincare connoisseur, I believe that saying to be so true!. I find that when my skin is on point, I too feel well put together and on point.
There’s something about fresh, glowy skin, that gives off the impression of cleanliness. It also speaks volumes about how well you take care of yourself. Start out by finding out what your skin type is; whether it be dry, oily, combination, acne-prone, etc.
There are many stores and boutiques, catered to skin care, that have specialists who can help with identifying your skin type and the right products for you. Trust me, the moment you begin investing time and extra TLC into your routine, you will start to notice the difference in your overall level of confidence.

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