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Tumeric Lemon Agave| Anti-inflammatory Tonic

        With the cold weather months approaching, I always find myself feeling a little tired in my joints and muscles. There’s something about the weather that leaves, my feet especially, with an achy and swollen feeling.
           For me, one of the not so fun pregnancy symptoms I have been experiencing is increased swelling and joint pain. While thinking of ways to manage these aches and pains, I found myself in my kitchen cabinet.
          I’m already a lover and avid user of Turmeric, it has so many health benefits and I personally happen to enjoy the taste it gives to dishes. So, I found some turmeric in my cabinet, I had some Lemon juice in the fridge, and moments later, I came up with what I call an “anti-inflammatory” tonic.
          Lemon juice is amazing for weight loss and to promote high metabolism. Since I am pregnant, those are not the benefits I am currently looking for. Lemon Juice is also good for slimming down the overall puffiness level of the body.
This tonic was initially trial and error. With time, I have managed to obtain the perfect Lemon- Turmeric-Agave tonic which boasts powerful anti-inflammatory benefits and is also quite tasty.

        If you have any other DIY, all-natural remedies you have tried to combat swelling and muscle aches, please let me know in the comments below. Also, if you happen to try out my tonic, let me know as well.

                Till next time,

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