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Have you ever had a situation where you suddenly realize a very important date is coming up and
you are absolutely not prepared for it? It happened a little over two weeks ago. It was just a week
before my husbands birthday and it dawned on me that I had absolutely nothing planned. I did not
have a gift for him, no party planned, not even a dinner idea prepared. Now, this is so not like me,
as I’m someone who loves to plan everything. I frantically wracked my brain trying to come up
with possible gifts I wanted to give my sweet husband.

I really wanted to get something that would say thank you and to show my appreciation for his
hard work. Suddenly, a light bulb went off in my head. I knew that I had recently been seeing
advertisements all over Instagram related to Jord Watches. This trendy, incredibly durable and
unique watch is made of real wood. My husband is a total watch man..In fact, I don’t think I know
anyone who owns as many watches as he does.

“That’s it!” I thought to myself. I’ll just get him a Jord wooden watch and so I did. Once I finally
received the watch in the mail, I had just one day before my husband’s birthday. Talk about a
close one. I was blown away by the quality, of not only the watch itself but also the box it came
in. Everything looked so intricate, fancy and durable. The best part about this company is that
it also offers watch engraving options; perfect for adding that unique touch.

The day finally arrived and I handed my husband the Box; which I had wrapped up in a
bow for added fanciness; because I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take it up a notch as far as
fancy levels go. Instantly, my husband’s face lit up and I knew I had nailed it. I silently
breathed a sigh of relief and quietly watched as my husband examined his new watch
with giddy eyes; much like a little kid does at a candy store.
My heart was full, my husband was happy, and all was fine with the world.

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Wooden Wrist Watch

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