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Ways to Get Enough Protein in A Vegan Pregnancy…. or Any Diet

                                          Hi Everyone :), I am so excited to be back for another blog post. 
        As I live on the east coast, we’ve been hit by a bit of snow lately which has left everyone in my household snowed in and under the weather. I am feeling much better now and I am extremely grateful for that!
              I wanted to talk to you all about the struggle I’ve been having with getting enough protein in my diet as a pregnant vegan momma. Prior to going vegan, one of the most common questions, I used to always get was,  “But where do you get your protein from?’ In the beginning years of being a vegan, I found myself cringing anytime someone asked me that question. It just seemed like such a redundant and cliché thing to ask.
             Over time, however, I found that it can be quite a challenge to get in adequate amounts of protein while on a vegan lifestyle. You definitely have to be creative and think outside of the box…and that process in itself is actually…FUN!
             Now that I am pregnant, the task of getting in enough protein has been slightly enhanced, as I now have to get around 70g of protein a day. Aside from supplementing with plant-based protein powders, I have found other creative ways to get more protein. For one, fruits actually have quite a bit of protein in them. Eating a bowl of pineapples or a bowl of jackfruit can get you quite a bit of protein. 
             Some high protein snacks I love to have include: a serving of soy-based yogurt, with strawberries and bananas, a serving of peanuts with raising, or 1-2 bananas with raw, all-natural peanut butter. Incorporating fun protein sources with each meal has allowed me to consistently hit my target of 70g of protein per day.

       As a vegan, or one considering going vegan, what are some ways in which you have been experimenting to incorporate more protein into your diet? Let me know in the comments below.

                                        Till next time,

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